Another One Bites The Dust

Another One Bites The Dust! Sean and Matt got back together this week to catch up after the busy Thanksgiving holiday.  The guys briefly discuss their Thanksgiving, or lack there of, and then talk a bit about terrible people who prey on children. And then there were 4.  Find out here, and FIRST, which member […]

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Theology with Todd

Theology with Todd They’re back at it again and this time they have a Preacher, Todd Pickett, from Christian Truth Ministries.  The boys had a few questions and they deep dive some of their thoughts on religion, God, and the Catholic Church.  We won’t spoil too much here but they get into the first painting […]



She SPANKED Me The boys got back together again and this time…it got real real, real fast!  The boys dive into Sean’s childhood and some of the stranger and more awkward things that he had to go through.  Matt thinks this may be the key to some of Sean’s social awkwardness.  If you listen closely, […]

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Where Is The File, Joe? Happy Sunday!  Matt and Sean got together again and this time are joined by Joe Bell.  Joe is a local musician, audio engineer, and fellow Podcaster.  Speaking of podcasts, we try to figure out why the final episode of Joe’s show has not seen the light of day.  This is […]

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Return of Shorter Returns! We hope your Labor Day was a good one but the guys got back together….not the guys…a guy and Matt.  You like him though and this is his triumphant return to the show!  WAIT!  He has been on the last 3 now….whatever.  Matt and Shorter get together and talk about Sean’s […]

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Online Larping The boys are back with the highest rated, in studio, guest of all time, John Shorter!  They get into several topics ranging from “Venom’s” new, potential, PG-13 rating as well as the hijacked plane from Alaska airlines.  Furthermore, they may have stopped Sean from making the worst mistake of his life.  Lastly, the […]

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EP – 38 – ZFL

ZFL Welcome!  Happy Monday!  We go really heavy this week when Big Matt sat down and hung out with the lead singer, Kevin Zink,  of local metal band ZFL.  They had a great time and we hope you have a great time listening.  You can check out all things ZFL on their Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/zflmarylandmetal/?ref=br_rs. […]