Playapod for the WIN!

Playapod for the WIN! Happy Sunday!  Listen this week to hear Matt’s instant reaction in It’s Trending!  Also, listen as we flip Matt over to Playapod as he dumps Stitcher and find out why he dumped Stitcher. Please remember to share, rate, subscribe, and all that other jazz and if you are feeling froggy then […]

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Huh!? The guys got back together and were once again joined by Joe Bell of Dave and Joe’s Super Awesome Podcast Show and we don’t stop asking the question of where the final episode is that Matt was a part of!  We also get the most awkward huh heard round the world when the topic […]

Guests Podcasts

Christmas Effort!

Christmas Effort! The guys got together for Christmas and there were no gifts exchanged.  We sat down with Josh Schulze of Charm City Printing and talked about stickers and t-shirts.  We also talked hot sauce and Sean’s experience with a hot sauce challenge.  The major revelation was surrounding the fact that Sean received something from […]



OOOoooOOoweeeoOOOooOo The guys got back together last week and decided to change up the day that the podcast gets posted in an effort to gain some new listeners.  In any event, the guys discuss several items this episode to include Boodah’s thoughts on last weeks talk about Red Dead Redemption 2 and a SURPRISE guest […]


Tips Chasting!

Tips Chasting! Sean and Matt are back again.  This time, they discuss all things Rap Snacks from the rappers who make them to the owners, and also the theme song.  You are going to want to hear this!  Also, the guys dive into their thoughts on Red Dead Redemption 2 and what they liked and […]

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