EP – 30 – Woke Up Late!

Woke Up Late! Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!  This week we find out a little more about Matt and his escapades the night before the Riki Rachtman interview and dig into why he got up 20 min. before the interview.  The audio still sucks because we couldn’t hear the cable issue […]

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EP-29-Interview w/Riki Rachtman

Interview w/Riki Rachtman This week we had an interview with MTV’s great Riki Rachtman.  Riki is a legendary VJ with MTV getting his start on “Headbangers Ball” and moving on to do hosting on WCW and VH1.  He was an awesome interview and a super cool dude and opened up about the state of music, […]


Episode – 28 – Bad Mood Rising

Bad Mood Rising Good Sunday, everybody!  Hope the week has treated you well.  The boys are back this week to discuss all topics of minimal interest to you.  We dive into the price of beer and Matt’s trip to Maryland DEATHFEST!  We also discuss some piss poor customer service from these 3 guys that run […]


Episode – 27 – Bag O’ Shit!

Bag O’ Shit Hey, friendos!  Been a little bit since we posted an episode.  Unfortunately, Sean had life hit last week so we’re back on Memorial Day weekend.  What better way to come back then to try something different?  From here on out, there will no longer be any post editing, besides bleeping out things […]

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Episode – 26 – Moe Escaped!

Moe Escaped! Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!  Tune in this week as we check out a brand new Taco Bell chip sold in the best corner market ever, 7-11!  Next, we briefly taste some chicken that Sean grilled and tossed around the idea of possibly putting some of Sean’s recipes on […]