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Johnny Cakes is BACK!

Happy Saturday!  While Sean works out some personal items going on, we welcome John Shorter back in for another episode.  He is our bestest guest and he always gets a great response so give a listen, or two, and tell 2 or 3 other people to listen. Please remember to share, rate, subscribe, and all […]

Guests Podcasts

Sit Down with Brandon Fergus

Sit Down with Brandon Fergus This week it is Matt only sitting down, again, with Brandon Fergus from The Murder Junkies.  There are stories and tales that you will only find here, unless you look really hard elsewhere.  Check it out! Please remember to share, rate, subscribe, and all that other jazz and if you […]


Mmm Mmm Mmm good, they snackable!

Mmm Mmm Mmm good, they snackable! You read it right and you can bet we came back this week with bad rap and moderately acceptable snacks.  Join us as our taste buds travel the powdery dustings of Rap Snacks flavored popcorns this week.  That is right, it seems Rap Snacks have jumped the shark and […]

Guests Podcasts

The Drunkcast

The Drunkcast We have a special, one off, exciting new episode for you to listen to.  Matt got together with Poodle and wife, Nikki, to do a special, drinking, version of the show.  If you like weird laws, piss breaks, and just a little bit of static then come on over, your the next contestant […]

Guests Podcasts

Big Fat Fischer

Big Fat Fischer Happy Easter, friends!  The guys are back and they have Crystal, aka Inky McStapleface, on the show to discuss tattoos and other weird shit.  If you want to ring in Easter the right way then listen to this and find out about stinky people getting tattoos, how to tattoo a penis, and […]

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