Stunning Conclusion

Stunning Conclusion The guys are back to finish the story of Sean’s crazy neighborhood.  Also, Sean tells another story trying to determine if something he did was unfair.  Listen and let us know if you think what he did was a dick move. Please remember to share, rate, subscribe, and all that other jazz and […]



Awkward! Listen as Sean makes his triumphant return to the show following some interesting things that happened in his home life.  The star of the show this week is how Matt handled some criticisms from Sean and how incredibly uncomfortable the show became.  If you see the image for this episode you will notice that […]

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Rachel Cruz of Rock Rage Radio

Rachel Cruz of Rock Rage Radio This week we are joined by host of Metal Erotica Radio, Rachel Cruz, on Rock Rage Radio.  Listen as Matt and Rachel discuss what drove her into heavy music, growing up in Mexico City, and coming to America.  Check out Metal Erotica Radio here: Click here to see the […]

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Vernon Smith of Once Revealed

Vernon Smith of Once Revealed This week Matt is joined by Vernon Smith, guitar player and vocalist for the band Once Revealed.  Listen as they discuss Vernon’s career in the Military, what got him into the band, and new ideas for rockabilly bands and bands about memes. Please remember to share, rate, subscribe, and all […]

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Pop Culture

Pop Culture Matt is joined by previous guest, Inky McStapleface.  They shoot the shit for quite some time so consider this a bonus.  Also, she makes a lot of pop culture references and it is clear that Matt is not in touch with the current state of pop culture. Please remember to share, rate, subscribe, […]

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