Tips Chasting!

Tips Chasting! Sean and Matt are back again.  This time, they discuss all things Rap Snacks from the rappers who make them to the owners, and also the theme song.  You are going to want to hear this!  Also, the guys dive into their thoughts on Red Dead Redemption 2 and what they liked and […]


Another One Bites The Dust

Another One Bites The Dust! Sean and Matt got back together this week to catch up after the busy Thanksgiving holiday.  The guys briefly discuss their Thanksgiving, or lack there of, and then talk a bit about terrible people who prey on children. And then there were 4.  Find out here, and FIRST, which member […]

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Doo-Hickey! Some of the boys come back to get together for some great jocularity!  Sean couldn’t be bothered so Matt and Dan got together to talk all things feelings!  Oh, and they also talked about music and other cool things.  Nothing else matters except for the laugh that came out of, what can only be […]

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Has he grown a personality?

Has he grown a personality? The boys got back together and sat down with Guido again.  They talked about a multitude of different things from fast food hacks to Guido’s path to being a full time musician.  Stories and tales were told and one of the host reveals his true thoughts about when he found […]

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Not Brought To You By Big Bar

Happy Sunday, friends!  We all got together with an old friend this weekend, Guido Magistrelli.  Guido plays in a band called The Driftwood Renegades.  We didn’t talk much music this episode.  Seeing that Halloween is right around the corner, we talked about some creepy things as well as fleshing out what our own candy bar […]

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