Circus Magic

Circus Magic Good day and welcome back!  Matt got together this weekend with Boodah in Sean’s absence to chat it up.  They discussed the circus and Boodah gives some behind the scenes insights that you didn’t know, like the circumference of the ring that the “Ring of Death” walkers walk on, or, maybe you didn’t […]


Matt Tyson

Matt Tyson Happy Sunday!  The guys are trying to be a little more consistent so they have prepared a true delight for your listening pleasure.  Sean and Matt both got together and talked about their younger partying days and how they handled confrontations and the police.  They discussed fighting for a short period of time […]


For The Radiophile

For The Radiophile The guys are back together again and this week things get a bit uncomfortable.  The guys start the show discussing Matt’s upcoming hosting of a Metal infused Battle of the Bands!  This flows into some WWE chat regarding how some of Vince McMahon’s bits wouldn’t work today.  Then the guys go into […]


We Were Wrong – We Are Sorry

We Were Wrong – We Are Sorry The guys are back in this week to discuss many a topic as well as to drop their first apology for offending someone.  That’s right, they took the high road!  They also get into Big Matt’s latest ScissorFist show and his childhood with grandma.  Also, the house was […]


No More Show Prep!

No More Show Prep! Happy Sunday!  Since there is no NFL this week, how about checking us out!  The guys got together this week to talk Ricky Gervais’ new show, After Life.  They also discuss some articles that Big Matt attempted to send over as some show prep and it comes out that he didn’t […]

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