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Where Is The File, Joe?

Happy Sunday!  Matt and Sean got together again and this time are joined by Joe Bell.  Joe is a local musician, audio engineer, and fellow Podcaster.  Speaking of podcasts, we try to figure out why the final episode of Joe’s show has not seen the light of day.  This is important because Matt was on that final episode and promoted this show, yet we are blackballed again by the titans of the industry.

So does Joe Bell have the file?  Does Dave Shofer have the file?  It is a mystery not likely to be discovered in the near future, much like that Malaysian airline that disappeared into the nether.  Don’t hold your breath for the finale of “Dave and Joe’s Awesome Podcast Show!”  It has been buried with the likes of the E.T. Atari video game, to be found in 50 years.  A single USB with a single file, buried, encrusted in dirt, clay, and mud.  Unrecoverable!

On a brighter note, we discussed everything from the Cobain-less Nirvana reunion in Seattle to workplace injustice.  Should a company that heavily relies on social media block users from social media at work?  Should your CEO smoke pot if the company policy is against it?  Yes, we touched on the Musk/Rogan interview.  Get our takes on that and more this week.

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