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EP – 36 – Boodah


Happy Sunday, friends!  We are back and we have a real treat for you today.  Not only did we have some in-house upgrades, but we also have a very special guest.  We have in studio, Mr. Boodah!  The Round Mound of Sound himself and we learn a lot more about Boodah than you could even begin to imagine!  Oh, you thought you knew Boodah?  You don’t know the half of it!  As always, we open up with some slight technical difficulties and Sean and Matt have a brief but entertaining spat!  By the way, this episode easily has the most edits and censors that we have ever needed to implement.

We also take a moment and discuss Boodah’s time with the circus which brings about some entertaining talk around animal abuse!  We also discuss Boodah from the time he was born up to and through college.

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