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EP-29-Interview w/Riki Rachtman

Interview w/Riki Rachtman

This week we had an interview with MTV’s great Riki Rachtman.  Riki is a legendary VJ with MTV getting his start on “Headbangers Ball” and moving on to do hosting on WCW and VH1.  He was an awesome interview and a super cool dude and opened up about the state of music, his drug addictions, and his upcoming Riki’s Ride 18 to benefit Stop Soldier Suicide.  Riki talked about his upcoming 18,000 mile trip as well as the days he would shoot down to Mexico for lunch!  Pretty badass!

The interview was scheduled for 11AM and Matt didn’t wake up until 10:40AM.  Sean couldn’t plug-in everything until 10:50AM.  Also, a cable went weird at 5 min. into the interview so Sean spent this morning cleaning up audio.  This is the last that we will talk of the pre-show screw-ups for this interview.  Or maybe we will follow up next week….who knows!

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And I guess for some context….here is Matt at 10:40AM that fateful day….

Oh….and 1 more thing….Sean couldn’t plug-in because Matt had the surge protector in his truck for some….strange….reason!

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