Episode – 27 – Bag O’ Shit!

Bag O’ Shit

Hey, friendos!  Been a little bit since we posted an episode.  Unfortunately, Sean had life hit last week so we’re back on Memorial Day weekend.  What better way to come back then to try something different?  From here on out, there will no longer be any post editing, besides bleeping out things that we shouldn’t have said.  We will be providing live, unedited, recordings for your listening pleasure.  That means if we screw up, or if something happens, it will be a part of our podcast.  We are able to do this because our producer is so good, that it’s his ass on the line if something screws up but this should make for entertaining episodes that are a little more real and have a nice sound!

This week Matt decides to start catching up on movies so that he can be involved during movie chats a little more.  He picked “Falling Down” from 1993.  He gives a brief recap of the movie and we discuss some of the movie on the episode.  Also, Sean brought some Burger King coffee to taste and tells a tale of the mysterious Bag O’ Shit and breaks down why he grills the way he does!

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