Ep19 – Rough Start!

Rough Start and Hard Stop!

The guys got together for some recording and simply had problems.  There are hard starts and hard stops but this was neither.  This was a rough start and a rough stop.

From a bad technical start to a host getting up and walking out mid-sentence at the end of the episode, it was a disaster from the start.  It took 6 minutes before we even managed to say what the hell people were listening to.  We did get an opportunity to hear Sean’s progress with the guitar and we also  find out why Big Time Matt hates to play cover songs, and he is a Socialist.

Furthermore, Matt gave us a deep dive into his work as a road engineer.  It pretty much makes us never want to drive under a bridge or overpass again.  Lastly, we added some more Matt jumbles to the opening.  Maybe we will just grow that audio file until it is an entire episode and release that.  It might be better than this one.

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