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16 – Interview w/Brother Dege

The Guys Go Big Time And Interview Brother Dege

Welcome, friends!  We have a special episode for you this week as we got to interview Brother Dege!

The guys were fortunate enough to get Brother Dege on the phone to conduct a semi-professional, semi-good, interview.

“Grammy-nominated Brother Dege Legg (“Too Old to Die Young” from Django Unchained soundtrack) is one of the best-kept secrets in Louisiana; a musician, writer, artist, and heir to a long line of individualistic characters born and raised in the Deep South. Like the mad love child of Son House, MC5, and William Faulkner, Legg has burned a colorful trail to the Promised Land, working odd jobs, traveling the Deep South like an outlaw gypsy, and subverting the southern-conservative stereotype by espousing a open-minded lifestyle that avoids gross materialism, greed, and bigotry.” –

Listen as they dive into how Brother Dege found the dobro, what drives his artistic passion, and some cool other details about the man himself.  Furthermore, we get a glimpse into what is coming up for Brother Dege in terms of touring.  Lastly, find out about the name of his new album and some of the inspirations behind the new album!  As a result, you guys get an awesome peek into the Psyouthern man himself.

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