Episode – 27 – Bag O’ Shit!

Bag O’ Shit Hey, friendos!  Been a little bit since we posted an episode.  Unfortunately, Sean had life hit last week so we’re back on Memorial Day weekend.  What better way to come back then to try something different?  From here on out, there will no longer be any post editing, besides bleeping out things […]

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Episode – 26 – Moe Escaped!

Moe Escaped! Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!  Tune in this week as we check out a brand new Taco Bell chip sold in the best corner market ever, 7-11!  Next, we briefly taste some chicken that Sean grilled and tossed around the idea of possibly putting some of Sean’s recipes on […]

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Episode – 25 – Poo Poo All The Stories!

Poo Poo All The Stories! We’re back and this week we have Dave Shofer from “Dave and Joe’s Super Awesome Podcast Show” on as our guest.  We discuss why the final episode of Dave’s show hasn’t aired yet and the future of the show.  We also discuss some of Matt’s latest rock shows which Dave […]

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Episode – 24 – A lot of PC Culture

A lot of PC Culture Check out the show this week if you want to learn all about what you can and cannot do in the world we live in today.  Also, Sean discusses someone at his kid’s school PTO and why that person is delusional.  Matt, of course, defends that person.  Furthermore, we discuss […]

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Episode – 23 – Judge Deakins

Judge Deakins Listen up, folks!  This week we open up with a bit of awkwardness as the guys settle up on some business.  Furthermore, court is in session and Big Matt Fischer is on trial in Judge Deakins’ courtroom.  Listen this week to find out what he did and just how much he didn’t care […]